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Changing a long held belief can be painful, especially when you find it based upon faulty or incomplete information. For almost two decades I held to a Pre-Tribulational view of eschatology. To be sure I had reservations and questions but until recently I did not make a concerted effort to resolve these issues. Frankly, it is a daunting (though worthy) challenge to take the voluminous information found in the Scripture regarding the 2nd coming and organize it in a way which provides a congruent picture of that event as it relates to the “catching away” of believers. In my opinion that worthy effort was just made a little easier with Alan Kurschner’s new book Antichrist Before The Day Of The Lord.

Mr. Kurschner approaches end time events from a Pre-Wrath perspective. His clear analysis and insightful perspective adds credibility to the Pre-Wrath position. If you are a serious student of Bible prophecy you will enjoy this journey from the Old Testament prophets to the words of Jesus and then on to New Testament apostles and back again.

In Part 2 (entitled The Rapture of God’s People) I found his “Four Reasons the Rapture is in Matthew 24:31” to be especially salient. I will definitely be giving his arguments further consideration.

On page three of the introduction Mr. Kurschner encourages his readers as “Bereans” to “test everything in this book against the Word of God”. In the spirit of that advice I would like to point out what I believe to be an erroneous assumption made several times in this book. To be fair to Mr. Kurschner I do not believe this error to be fatal to his position.

My concern stems from the “seven year” period Mr. Kurschner uses as part of his analytical framework. On page 11 he makes this statement:

“I will also show that the book of Daniel informs us of a future seven-year period (commonly called “the seventieth week of Daniel”) during which key eschatological events will take place.”

Mr. Kurschner makes it clear that he is “assuming a futurist approach in this book” regarding Daniel 9. My concern does not lie with his assumption regarding a “futurist approach” (though considering its weight in this book I don’t think this a wise position to take) but lies in a deeper unmentioned assumption regarding the very foundational premise of the prophecy itself. At the very heart of the prophecy of Daniel 9 is an assumption that the Artaxerxes of Ezra and Nehemiah is the Persian king Longimanus. The problem with this assumption is that it is not supported by any reasonable rendering of the 2nd temple chronology as found in the Bible. Considering the importance the “seven years” period has to Mr. Kurschner’s arguments I hope that he will someday address this subject in one of his writings.

In summary I believe this book to be one of the best written on the subject of the Pre-Wrath position. It has helped clarify to me, several aspects of Jesus’ return and its relationship to the “rapture”. I would recommend this book to any serious student of Bible eschatology.

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Author: Alan E. Kurschner
Book Title: Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ
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Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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