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Prewrath IntroductionBook Review:
A Great Introduction to Prewrath Eschatology

It is great to finally find a book which introduces the main pillars of the prewrath position without overwhelming the reader with the more complex aspects of the subject. Alan Kurschner’s new book Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction looks at the evidence for the prewrath position in a succinctly summarized three part format.

Part 1: The antichrist’s Great Tribulation
Part 2: The Rapture of God’s People
Part 3: The Day of the Lord’s Wrath

For those who find Mr. Kurschner’s arguments worthy of further investigation, his book Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Return of Christ, takes the arguments made in this book and explores them to their fullest conclusions. Personally, I wished I had read this book first because it really would have helped me wrap my mind around Mr. Kurschner’s main premise without feeling overloaded with the details.

* * *

To be fair I do have what I hope will be constructive criticism of a couple of Mr. Kurschner’s statements. Mr. Kurschner starts and finishes this book with a call for his readers to be Berean’s. With this stewardship in mind I would like to point out several erroneous assumptions Mr. Kurschner makes in this book. I want be clear that while I believe he is in error, I don’t believe these errors undermine the premise of his prewrath position.

The following quote is taken from page 9 of this book and it illustrates one of Mr. Kurschner’s main erroneous assumptions:

“The Bible teaches that a future seven-year period represents the final seven years of the this age.”

For those who have looked into the subject you already know that in fact the Bible does not once specifically mention a “seven-year period” in the context of a Biblical eschatology.

For those Berean’s out there, I encourage you to check it out for yourself. When the Bible talks about the shorter time frames in the book of Daniel or Revelation, it only describes them in terms of “days” or “months”. From a Biblical context this makes sense because the Biblical calendar year varies between 354 and 383 days. When short term accuracy is required the Bible, by necessity, must use days or months to describe the timing of important events.

From the point YHWH first fixed the Biblical calendar to the agricultural cycle at the Exodus the Bible’s calendar has been lunar/solar. This was the calendar used during the 2nd temple era when Daniel was given the prophecy of 70 weeks and it is the Biblical calendar of today. It may be convenient and familiar to refer to eschatological events in terms of 3.5 or 7 year time frames but it is simply not accurate. Frankly, the entire premise is misleading and faulty.

For example, when the book of revelation mentions 42 months, this book like most, equates this period of time with 3.5 years. Yet, a Biblical month is based upon the lunar cycle so 42 months of 29.53 days does not equal 3.5 years. Simply put an assumption which states 42 months = 3.5 years introduces an error of nearly 21 days into the Bible’s end time chronology. That may not seem like a lot to us today but for those who will be counting on the accuracy of the prophecy it will be devastating.

Further embedded in Mr. Kurschner’s assumption regarding a “seven-year period” is his erroneous interpretation of Daniel 9 and 70 weeks prophecy. Mr. Kurschner like many of his well meaning peers cannot prove their basis chronological assumption regarding this most important prophecy. Ussher, Rawlinson, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Robert Anderson and dozen’s of other wonderful Biblical chronologists since then have glossed over the 2nd temple era chronology of Ezra and Nehemiah. The bottom line is that the Bible does not support the premise that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of the Persian king Longimanus. A straightforward reading of the 2nd temple era chronology shows, that in fact, Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of Darius “the Great” Artaxerxes of Persia. This inconvenient fact has been ignored for far too long.

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In summary, my disagreements not withstanding, this book is an excellent introduction to the Prewrath view of eschatology. I would recommend it to any serious student of Bible prophecy.

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Author: Alan E. Kurschner
Book Title: Prewrath: A very Short Introduction to the Great Tribulation, Rapture, and Day of the Lord
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Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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