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when-a-lion-roarsBook Review:
– A Roaring in Zion

This is the third book I’ve read by Carl Gallups and I must say I enjoyed it as much as the previous two. Mr. Gallups has unique perspective on Bible prophecy and a good way of explaining it. I also like the fact that Mr. Gallups is willing to look outside the box of conventional wisdom in an effort to understand some of the more difficult prophetic passages.

This book was written as an overview of the day and age in which we live with an eye toward evaluating whether or not we are living in the season of the Messiah’s return. The book is divided into three parts:

• Part I: Understanding the Prophetic Nature of Our Times
• Part II: The Problems of Biblical Prophecy
• Part III: The Profound Prophetic Markers of Our Times

I really liked the title and theme of this book. When The Lion Roars is an apt way to describe the book’s message, i.e. that YHWH, from the prophetic pages of the Bible, is calling mankind to awake out of our slumber because Yeshua’s return is drawing nigh.

So many of us today have become apathetic to the subject of Bible prophecy and Yeshua’s return. This I believe stems from a complacent and increasingly secular view of YHWH, the living God of the Bible. Drew Dyck of the Leadership Journal aptly described such an attitude in Yawning at Tigers. And then there are the words of the apostle Paul written to the Romans:

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. (Romans 13:11)

* * *

Some of the highlights of the book:

• Chapter 6: Were They Mistaken
• Chapter 13: The Tie That Binds
• Chapter 14: The Revenant Nation

On a more critical note, there were aspects of Mr. Gallups’ interpretation of prophetic record that I respectfully disagree with, or at least I believe it could have been addressed more thoroughly. A few of these included:

• Daniel 9 and the prophecy of 70 Weeks:|
Like many of his peers, Mr. Gallups fails to address the starting point of this prophecy as it relates to the 2nd temple era. He also fails to explain why his interpretation does not include a Biblical reckoning of time. As important as this prophecy is to Mr. Gallups’ eschatological world view, I believe it deserves to be established upon a commensurate foundation in the Biblical record.
• Gog & Magog and Israel dwelling securely in the land:
Mr. Gallups in his discussion of Gog & Magog and Israel’s hostile neighbors does not thoroughly address the context of Israel dwelling securely in the land. This idea contextually comes first from Leviticus 25 & 26 and is a promise of YHWH that if Israel obeys His commandments they would dwell in the land securely. The idea is further elucidated in Jeremiah 32 and Zechariah 14. Further Ezekiel himself explains the context of Israel dwelling securely in chapters 28 and 34, both passages unmistakably point to the millennial reign of Yeshua. I would really like to have a better understand of how Mr. Gallups dealt with these verses in his own exploration of the subject.

In closing let me say that even if you disagree with some of Mr. Gallups’ perspective on Bible prophecy, the final four chapters are a must read. They include:

• Chapter 31: Balance
• Chapter 32: Perspective
• Chapter 33: The Ingathering
• Chapter 34: Engage and Advance

Though I can’t agree with everything written in this book I believe it was well worth reading. I enjoy learning about other believers’ perspectives on Bible prophecy and Mr. Gallups’ unique view is well worth pursuing.

As a final thought, which I believe expresses one of the underlying themes of this book, I leave you with the words of Joel:

YHWH also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but YHWH will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel. (Joel 3:16)

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Author: Carl Gallups
Book Title: Whne the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of Ancient Prophecies for Our time
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