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ISIS, IRAN, and ISRAEL: What You Need to Know about the Current Mideast Crisis and the Coming Mideast War is a story of faith, hope, neglect, and evil as told from the perspective of those who live there. Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN News, Chris Mitchell, takes you behind the news in the Middle East and shows why these people, nations, and events are important to you and me.

In a sane world a book like this wouldn’t have been written. In a sane world where the globe’s only superpower is comprised of citizens, 77% of whom consider themselves Christian, a book like this shouldn’t have been written.

That it was written is evidence of a world, its nations, and its peoples which have forsaken their fellow man, and by this neglect laying bare the unplumbed capacity for evil in the heart of mankind, an evil measured in the blood of innocent life.

But there is hope!

And Chris Mitchell chronicles that hope as seen through the eyes of the Middle East’s burgeoning Christian church. You’ll get firsthand accounts of lives transformed by faith in Yeshua, of young and old who have found hope in their darkest hour. By the time you finished this book you’ll likely be challenged and frankly burdened by what you have learned.

The question is: What will you do with this knowledge?

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Author: Chris Mitchell
Book Title: ISIS, IRAN, and ISRAEL: What You Need to Know about the Current Mideast Crisis and the Coming Mideast War
Author Website:
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Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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