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Islamic Antichrist DebunkedBook Review:

My first introduction to the Islamic anti-Christ theory came while I was sitting cross-legged in a cramped dark closet working on water heater whose lower element burned out. I’m a plumber by trade, and I still remember the day many years ago when my customer, an older gentleman I’ll call Mr. M, explained some of the highlights of the theory to me.

I’ve loved the study of Bible prophecy since my teenage years and frankly I was skeptical of Mr. M’s claims. After nearly a decade I still have reservations about the theory but admittedly there have been certain aspect of the theory which have been hard to dismiss.

So enter Chris White’s latest book Islamic AntiChrist Debunked. Okay, I must admit right up front, book title’s with the word “Debunked” in them bug me. They come across with just a touch of arrogance which seems to say I have all the answers and case is closed. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problem challenging any theory or doctrine I think has strayed from its Biblical context, and I’ve done so many times over the years. I just don’t think any of us have it all figured out and as such the subject of Bible prophecy should be approached with a great measure of humility. Each time I’ve strayed from this approach it has come back to bite me big time.

With that out of the way, I would say Mr. White’s book is a valuable counterbalance to the growing consensus that Islam is the religious system of the coming Anti-Christ. Here is what I thought were a few of the books highlights:

1.One of the most fascinating aspects of Mr. White’s book was his comparison of early Christian extra-Biblical apocalyptic text and the rise of Islamic eschatology as expressed in the hadiths. This subject definite bears further study.
2. I thought Mr. White’s thoughts on the Gog & Magog invasion added to the subject and offered a unique perceptive, which in part, answers some of the objections I’ve had to several of the more popular theories on the subject.
3. His chapter on the Mark of the Beast (666) and it’s relationship to the Islamic phrase “in the name of Allah” raised some great questions about the credibility of this aspect of the theory.

There were also several aspects of the book with which I disagree.

1. Mr. White’s reliance on Daniel 9 as a means to challenge the Islamic Anti-Christ theory undermines the credibility of his argument. His own theory of Daniel 9 rests on a foundation as erroneous or more so than anything Islamic theory he tries to debunk in this book. Using a theory which itself is erroneous to debunk another person’s errors only complicates the issue and compounds the error.
2. I have a hard time agreeing with Mr. Whites view that the prophecy of Daniel 2 finds its fulfillment in Roman empire of the first century. Though I do agree the genesis of the Kingdom of God began at Calvary, as of yet I don’t see how it has destroyed the final form of that image. I could be wrong on this but I just don’t agree with this view.

In summary I appreciated reading this book by Christ White and I would recommend to those who like to look at the subject of Bible prophecy from all perspectives. This is a subject which deserves a Berean’s consideration.

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