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Book Review:
A House Built upon Sand

In reading Mr. Preston’s book Seventy Weeks are Determined, I am reminded of the Biblical parable of a man who builds his house upon the sand. No matter how strong or beautiful the house appears above ground it is the foundation which holds the structure together.

Mr. Preston states the following in the forward to his book: “Daniel 9:24-27 is one of the most pivotal and interesting prophecies in the Bible.” His books goes on to use the prophecy of Daniel 9 as a basis to try and prove that the 2nd coming of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead occurred in 70 AD.

In one of those strange ironies of life Mr. Preston, like many of the futurists he argues against, does not provide a single foundational proof for his position regarding the prophecy of Daniel. Not a single definitive statement regarding the most important assumption of his theory can be found in his book Seventy Weeks Are Determined or his other book on Daniel 9, Seal up the Vision and the Prophecy. How can we take seriously any interpretation of this central Messianic prophecy if it does not provide a rock solid foundation in the Biblical record?

Here are just a few problems with Mr. Preston interpretation of Daniel 9.

1. He does not use a Biblical reckoning of time. A Biblical calendar is not based upon a 360 or a 365.24 day year. A Biblical calendar is based upon a lunar/solar year.
2. He ignores the “commandment to restore and build given by YHWH”. This is the only commandment the 2nd temple era Jewish repatriates would have recognized. That commandment was given in the 2nd year of Darius (520BC), it was proclaimed by both Zachariah & Haggai and witness by Ezra 6:14.
3. All 2nd temple era chronology shows that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of Darius Hystapes “the Great” Artaxerxes, not the Persian Longimanus.
4. In order make his interpretation work, Mr. Preston must take the book of Ezra out of chronological order and out of context.

In my opinion Daniel 9 is not “one of the most pivotal” prophecy in the Scripture as Mr. Preston claims. Daniel 9 is without a doubt the most important prophecy in the Bible. A prophecy which proves Yeshua is in fact the Messiah promised in the Scripture and when understood within its proper context it provides key proof he is coming again.

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Author: Don K Preston
Book Title: Seventy Weeks Are Determined… For the Ressurection
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Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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