Dr. David Jeremiah – Is This the End?

is-this-the-endBook Review:
The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End

I’ve read many books on Bible prophecy over the last several years and I can think of few which have given as sobering and accurate an estimation of the moral depravity which has engulfed our nation and the world. The first few chapters of the this book are not for the faint of heart or those given to illusions of utopianism. Here is a sampling of the topics covered in Part I of this book:

1. The Age of Anything Goes
2. The Bleeding of Our Borders
3. The Increase of Intolerance
4. The Apathy of America

If it wasn’t for chapter 5 – The Remedy of Revival the first half of this books would paint a totally dark and foreboding picture of America’s socio-economic and moral future. I must say Dr. Jeremiah does an excellent job of laying our moral laundry out in a matter which does justice to his ancient name sake.

But like the Jeremiah of old, Dr. Jeremiah provides an equally compelling argument for a way back from the brick of moral depravity and into personal and societal regeneration and moral renewal. That way back being personal repentance and the atoning power of Yeshua shed blood on our behalf.

In the interest of a fair review there were parts of this book with which I respectfully disagree or believed could have had more balance explanation. The first that really stood out to me was Dr. Jeremiah’s treatment of the Gog & Magog invasion of Israel.

Regarding Gog & Magog Dr. Jeremiah does not thoroughly address the context of Israel dwelling safely and securely in their land. Dr. Jeremiah proposes that this dwelling in safety by Israel comes at some point prior to the millennial reign of Yeshua. But the problem with this is the immediate context of Ezekiel and the greater context of the Old Testament congruently shows that Israel will only dwell securely in their land during the Millennial reign of Yeshua.

The explanation of Israel dwelling safely (Yashab betach) first comes to us as a promised blessing given to Israel in Leveticus 26. It is affirmed in the millennial context of Jeremiah 32:37. Further in Ezekiel 28 & 34 it is specifically spelled out as a condition of Israel during the millennium. An additional challenge to Dr. Jeremiah’s perspective is Ezekiel 39 were it states the following:

“After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid. (Ezekiel 39:26)”

The statement that Israel will have “dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid” is found in only one other place in the Biblical record. That place is Ezekiel 34:28 which again clearly refers to the millennial reign of Yeshua.

I believe Dr. Jeremiah’s interpretation of Ezekiel 38 & 39 would be better served if he had not ignored the context of dwelling securely (yashab betach) as found in Leviticus 26, Jeremiah 32, Ezekiel 28, 34, 38, 39, and Zechariah 14. It is a difficult proposition indeed to find any reasonable basis for Israel dwelling securely in their land outside of the context of the millennial reign of Yeshua. A challenging subject to be sure but one I hope Dr. Jeremiah will address more thoroughly in a future rendering of the subject.

In summary, my disagreement’s notwithstanding this book is a much needed wake up call to the believers and for that matter non-believers as well. We desperately need the revival Dr. Jeremiah speaks about in this book. Hopefully this book will be one of the catalysts which begins another awaking of the church so it is not found sleeping when Yeshua comes.

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