Francine Rivers – As Sure as the Dawn

Francine Rivers3Book Review:
Seemingly Disconnected from the Series

Francine Rivers with her thought provoking writing, really makes me ponder (as in book one and two) about the character’s struggles and what I believe.

In some ways, this book felt disconnected from the other two series in the book. Although book two gave a closing finish to Marcus and Hadassah’s story, this third book had only small bit about Hadassah (even that was back in time to when book 2 finished). But with all that, this book definitely was thought provoking. Atretes was a gladiator who had earned his freedom. After discovering the news that his infant son is still alive, he set on a course to retrieve Caleb from a widow who has taken his son in as her own. Rizpah with her own struggles and past, loves Caleb as her own son. Trusting God and His plan, she embarks with harsh and cruel Atretres on a journey to Germania, Atretres’ homeland.

Rizpah’s struggles with a man who doesn’t believe in her God; her own weaknesses; and upon finally arriving in Germania, the scorn and mistrust of Atretes’ people. Through it all, she continues to place her trust and faith in God even if it might cost her life.

Author: Francine Rivers
Book Title: As Sure as the Dawn
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Book Reviewed by: Maranatha Struse

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