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Daniel RoarsBook Review:
A Unique Look at the Prophecies of Daniel

Daniel Roars Today is a uniquely original look at the Old Testament book of Daniel with a focus on understanding the prophecies from a more contextual Hebraic perspective.

Each chapter is written in two parts. The first part is written in a novelistic narrative which tries to encourage the reader to see what the events and circumstances surrounding the visions might have been like when each of the prophecies were given. The second part of each chapter, written as a normal book on Bible prophecy, digs deeper into the text explaining the authors perspective on the prophecies.

I’ve read hundreds of books on Bible prophecy over the past 25 years and I can say that there is always something valuable to learn when you see the subject through another believers eyes. Daniel Roars Today: End-Times Prophecies Affecting You was no exception to that rule. I enjoyed the book.

Having said that I would like to offer a few points of respectful disagreement with the authors:

* Considering the authors made a pointed effort to explore the book of Daniel from a Hebraic perspective it is disappointing to see them calculate the prophecy of 70 Shabuwa using a non-Biblical reckoning of time as first proposed by Sir Robert Anderson. The Bible’s calendar is based upon the interaction of the lunar/solar cycles as described in Genesis. Using a 360 day lunar calendar to calculate the prophecy does not account for the 5.24 missing days of the solar year. From the Exodus onward Biblical “time” was based upon a certain number of lunar cycles which were intercalated by agricultural cycle governed by the sun. This in practical application requires a 13th month every three years or so. This also means that a true Biblical “year” varies between 354 or 383 days in length.

* Sir Robert Anderson’s belief that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of Artaxerxes Longimanus is without Biblical merit. By all available Biblical chronological synchronisms Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of Darius ‘the great’ Artaxerxes nearly 60 years earlier in the Persian record. A few Biblical proof for this are found in the age of Ezra, the list of Nehemiah 10 & 12 and Ezra 6 & 7 as it relates to “Artaxerxes”.

* Regarding the “commandment” to restore and build Jerusalem, the Hebrew word for “commandment” is gabar which simply means word. Gabar is used three other times in Daniel 9 and each one of those occurrences refers to the “word of YHWH”. In fact the most common used of the word gabar in the Bible refers to the word of YHWH not a man made decree or proclamation.

It is worth noting that all four of the commonly proposed Persian “commandments” to restore and build Jerusalem use other Hebrew words to describe the “commandment”. From a Hebraic perspective it makes much more contextual sense for the “commandment” of Daniel 9:25 to refer to the “word” of YHWH given to Haggai and Zachariah as recorded by Ezra. That is only gabar or word to restore and build Jerusalem that the Jewish people would have recognized.

* Regarding the final week or shabuwa of Daniel 9, the authors make a confusing statement which gets to very heart of one of great disagreements of Daniel 9. I quote from Kindle location 1373:

“From verse 24 we can determine that the end of the 483-year period will bring an atonement for iniquity. As we know, iniquity was atone for at the death and resurrection of Yeshua, which was in AD 32.”

The challenge of this interpretation is that Daniel 9:24 states the six goals of verse 24 all take place during the 70 Weeks. Daniel 9:26 states the Messiah is “cut off” after the 69th week. If the authors are correct that Yeshua made “atonement for iniquity” (and I agree with them) then this atonement by the constraints of Daniel 9:24 & Daniel 9:26 must have taken place in the 70th week. There is no other reasonable solution.

In summary, let me say that I share the authors expectation of the Messiah’s soon return but I respectfully disagree with the their conclusions regarding how Daniel 9 figures into those events. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who appreciates a different perceptive on prophecies of Daniel. As you read this book I encourage you to open your Bible and see if these things be so. Maranatha!

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