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Prophecy, Politics, and the Paradigm –

Let me tell you right up front that Jonathan Cahn’s latest book, the Paradigm, will be considered his most provocative book to date. I say that because it combines under one cover, two of mankind’s most contentious subjects, namely – religion and politics. If you thought the Harbinger was controversial, you’ll find the Paradigm several magnitudes more so.

Personally, I found the book to be an uncomfortable mix of two very important subjects. If you’ve read any of Mr. Cahn’s recent books you already know that he has vision for shadow and type which compels his readers to see important topics in new ways. The Paradigm, takes that propensity to a whole new level.

The book begins with Mr. Cahn’s powerful and compelling exploration of Israel’s decent into immorality as a template to America’s current state of affairs. Mr. Cahn shows how two nations, with such auspicious beginnings, show uncanny parallels that are inescapable and troubling. This part of the book provides many valuable insights.

As the book progresses Mr. Cahn unpacks his Paradigm beginning with a look at the two infamous Biblical characters of Ahab and Jezebel which he sees as types for two of today’s most famous or infamous (depending on your point of view) political characters. This exploration of shadow and type of Old Testament hero & villain and twenty first century American politician continues up to our present day with the election of our current president.

Had Mr. Cahn left the exploration of shadow and type to a general character sketch which looked at the how immorality and righteousness influence men and women, especially those in positions of power, then I would have considered this book a home run.

Unfortunately Mr. Cahn didn’t stop with a paradigm which shows how human actions which separate themselves from the laws of God lead naturally down a path which has common threads amongst all human beings. In what appears to be a well-meaning effort to buttress this paradigm Mr. Cahn takes the ancient Biblical types and attempts to show how specific actions and dates are paralleled in their modern American political anti-types. This takes the subject from type and anti-type into the realm of the prophetic. This makes me more than a little uncomfortable for several reasons.

First of all the Bible is unquestionably a prophetic book. In fact over ¼ of the Bible is of a prophetic nature. But that prophetic aspect of the Bible has a specific purpose which is describe among other places in Revelation 19:10:

“…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”

Jesus comes from the Hebrew Yeshua which means the Salvation of Yahweh or Yahweh’s Salvation. So in other words the spirt of prophecy is the testimony of Yahweh’s salvation for mankind. This spirit or underlying theme is the litmus test of all Biblical interpretation which claims to be of a prophetic nature. The Paradigm as prophecy fulfilled in our day fails this important test.

Second, the dates and timing aspect of the Paradigm are simply unnecessary. Instead of adding credibility to Mr. Cahn’s great exploration of human nature and the natural consequence of mankind’s sin, the subjective aspects of the dates and events used in the Paradigm will become the central focus of the book. This undermines the credibility of both the book itself and ultimately Bible’s prophetic record.

In summary, the Paradigm will probably be one of the more controversial Christian books of 2017 but for the wrong reasons. I have a feeling it will be a case study in why religion, prophecy, and politics aren’t the best mix.

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Author: Jonathan Cahn
Book Title: – The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times                                                                                                            
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