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If you have ever wondered how we as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles could turn our backs on those principles and embrace the values of secular humanism then you should take a few hours to read Paul A. Fishers revealing book, Behind the Lodge Door: The Church, State and Freemasonry in America.

In the book Mr. Fisher explores the mid 1900 rulings of the Supreme Court on religious freedom in America and finds an unexpected source for the courts anti-religious bias. Up until the 1940’s rarely more than two Freemasons were on the court and any one time. But starting in 1941 and continuing until 1971 there were at least 5 and for several terms as many as 8 Freemasons serving on the Supreme Court. Mr. Fisher explains:

 “Masons dominated the high bench from 1941 to 1971. That was an era when traditional Judeo-Christian values were removed from the curricula of public schools—and from public life generally. That amazing (and rarely discussed) facet of American jurisprudence was discovered completely by accident when the author was conducting research on the religion clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution. …

Following Everson, the Court repeatedly leaned on the “wall” to impose its will, and prohibited public financial assistance to children attending schools teaching traditional religious values. As a consequence, the high bench: outlawed released time for children to attend religious classes within public school buildings;3 declared atheism and secular humanism to be religions protected by the First Amendment;4 prohibited recitation of prayer in public schools, even though the prayer in question was approved by leaders of the three major faiths in the United States;5 and banned recitation of the “Our Father” and oral Bible reading as religious religious exercises in public schools.6 Related cases denied State funds to religious-oriented schools for teaching aids, periodicals, maps, etc.; banned singing of Christmas carols in public schools; prohibited public school teachers from teaching in religious schools; and held that a law permitting employees to observe the Sabbath as a day of rest impermissibly advanced a particular religious practice, and thus violated the religion clause.

Those decisions by the Court seemed to demonstrate a bias in favor of a totally secularist society, and my research could uncover no convincing evidence that the First Amendment ever was intended to quarantine religion from public life, a proposition being advanced suddenly by the Court in the 1940s. The Court’s curious tilt stirred nagging questions: Why did the high bench suddenly take up an interminable series of religion-clause cases in the middle of the 20th Century?”

Mr. Fisher explains that after further investigation he realized that Masons by their own admission view the world through a secular humanist bias and this bias, contrary to their oath of office, influenced their fateful decisions regarding the free exercise of religion in public life.

One of the more surprising aspects of the book for me was the role Protestant and Catholic antagonism had in the Masonic intrigues of the past two centuries. By playing Protestant and Catholic against each other, Masons sowed the seeds of Christianity’s demise in America. Today we are reaping the bitter harvest of those evil machinations.

Our generation would do well to learn the lessons from this important era in American history so that we do not further its evil. You see, the same playbook which was used to pit Protestants and Catholics against each other has been pulled out once again, only this time it is pitting Christian’s against Muslims. Unless we can learn from the past I’m afraid we will forfeit the remaining freedoms we hold dear.

In closing we would do well to remember the words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I would encourage you to read this book and learn from the past, our future may depend on it.

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Author: Paul A. Fisher
Book Title: Behind the Lodge Door: The Church, State and Freemasonry in America
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