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The Deep State Struggle –

So we are a year into the Donald Trump presidency and if there is one thing that is certain, President Trump is a galvanizing figure. Whether you are a conservative Christian hoping for a respite from the tsunami of progressivism drowning our culture or a Liberal pundit opining the end of your world as you know it, Trump has become your lightening rod.

Let’s be frank, if you are an average level-headed American citizen who all your life has discounted conspiracy theories involving smoke filled back rooms deals where the real business of governing this world and nation are done, after the revelations of the past year you are probably beginning to wonder if you might not have been a bit naïve.

On an almost daily basis we are bombarded with stories of dirty deals, conspiracy, and collusion to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. So why is the entire world freaking out about a billionaire from New York?

To answer this question Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson take you on a fascinating journey into the underbelly of the power structure that seeks to direct the course of American and world history. Written as an investigative expose, the authors explore what is known today as the Deep State of American politics.

What may surprise some of you is that this is more to this struggle than Conservative and Liberal ideology. In fact, as the authors demonstrate, there is a spiritual dimension to this battle and the stunning events we are witnessing around us are just the results of an age-old battle.

In the book the authors explore the question of President Trump’s role in this struggle. Which side is he on? What is his agenda? Is he the genuine article or a Manchurian candidate? Will his presidency be a pause in the rush towards a new world order or the catalyst that pushes our nation over the edge?

Most importantly of all though, is the authors’ exploration of the question of what we as Christians should do in the midst of this conflict and uncertainty. To me, this was the most valuable part of the book and the authors gave some really sound advice to consider.

In closing, let me say there was ton of information in this book that needs to be sifted and considered. Some of it was edgy and in some areas the authors may have gone too far when drawing their conclusions. Overall though, the book is a real eye opener that provides a valuable perspective on what many are calling the Trumpocalypse.

Author: Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson
Book Title: – Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon
Author Website:
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Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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