T.W. Tramm – 2015 The Final Jubilee?

2015 The Final JubileeBook Review:
2015 is not the Final Jubilee

The Final Jubilee is a follow up to T.W. Tramm’s book 2012-2015: The Season of Return. In this latest book Mr. Tramm pinpoints the year 2015 as the final jubilee of this age and the possible date for Christ return. Building upon Newton’s interpretation of Daniel 9 and the blood moon celestial phenomenon Mr. Tramm makes a multifaceted case for dating the return of Christ. Although Mr. Tramm provides some really great information on the jubilee and Sabbath cycles I believe he takes his current theory several steps too far by trying to provide a specific date for 2nd coming. The dating aspect of this theory aside there are several aspect to Mr. Tramms theory which I respectfully don’t believe meet a reasonable evidentiary threshold.

* Regarding 2015 being the terminus date of 6000 years from Adam and the final jubilee of the 120th cycle it is important to clarify that this requires a 50 year Jubilee cycle which is not synchronized with the Sabbath cycle. The problem with this the Biblical evidence suggests the jubilee and Sabbath cycles are synchronized. By Mr. Tramm’s own admission a jubilee of years is patterned after the count to Shavuot (Pentecost). Shavuot’s little jubilee of days begins and ends on the first day of the week. Likewise it is only congruent that a jubilee of years begins and ends the same way otherwise you would have the jubilee cycle interrupting the continuous yearly Sabbath cycle. I believe it would be more accurate to use a jubilee that is synchronized with the Sabbath cycle which would make the 6000th year from Adam fall during the 123 Jubilee cycle.

With this in mind it is fascinating to see that the apostle Matthew gives 41 generations from Abraham to Yeshua. Further using the Bible’s chronology those 41 generations are equal 41 synchronized jubilee cycles. Equally fascinating is there are 41 jubilees between Abraham and Adam. Also our own generation is living in the 41st jubilee cycle from Yeshua.

On a related note in confirmation of Shavuot being a little jubilee it’s really neat to see that the first time the word jubilee (yow’bel) is used in the Scripture it is found in Exo. 19:13. This auspicious date marked the point when YHWH personally gave the law to Israel at Sinai. The next 13 occurrence of Jubilee in the Bible are all references to the yearly jubilee instructions.

There shall not an hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live: when the trumpet (yow’bel) soundeth long, they shall come up to the mount. Exodus 19:13

* Another problem with Mr. Tramms theory is when he refers to “Hebrew years” as 360 days in length in calculating the 49 years between 1967 and 2015 (Kindle location 731) I’m not entirely sure what the author means by a “Hebrew” year but the Biblical year as defined by Genesis and affirmed in Exodus is not a lunar year of 360 days but rather a lunar/solar year which requires a 13 month intercalation. Even a 360 day lunar year as Mr. Tramm suggest still requires an intercalation to keep it synchronized with the solar cycle as inferred by Genesis 1:14. Any calculations which do not take this intercalation into account cannot be considered accurate.

It is entirely incongruent (in my opinion) to use a 360 day “Hebrew” lunar year to calculate the 49 years between 1967 and 2015 and at the same time use a lunar/solar Biblical year to calculate the 49 year Jubilee and Sabbath cycle.

* Mr Tramm’s claim that the 7 sevens of Daniel 9:25 begin with Israel establishing control over Jerusalem in 1967 and end with the return of Christ in 2015 has some additional obstacles to overcome. First, Daniel 9:25 states specifically that the countdown to the Messiah begins with a “commandment” to restore and build. Simple put there was no “commandment” to restore and build Jerusalem in 1967. Further the word “commandment” is the Hebrew word dabar and out of the over 1000 times this word is used in the Bible the vast majority of the time it refers to the “word of YHWH”. Daniel 9 uses dabar 4 times and each of the other 3 times dabar refers specifically to the word of YHWH. In context the “word to restore and build Jerusalem can only refer to the word YHWH gave to Haggai and Zechariah which commandment the Jewish people to return and build Jerusalem and the temple. Besides the two witness of Haggai and Zechariah this “word” was also recorded by Ezra in chapter 6 of his record of the 2nd temple era.

In summary, in my opinion for the above reasons, this book falls short of a reasonable evidentiary threshold.

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