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Happy Birthday to MeBook Review:
Faith and Family

Happy Birthday to Me is a wonderful story about family and the uniqueness of each person who is part of one. Told from the perspective of a young child whose parents are of different ethnic backgrounds the story celebrates the truly important things in life such as family, relationships and faith.

I live in southern Arizona, just a stone’s throw from the border and I loved how the story incorporated both English and Spanish not just to entertain but also to teach and explain. In a day and age were race seems to polarize and divides us it is good to see books which set an example of how it can and should be.

This was a cute story with a great message. I’d love to seem more books by the authors.

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Author: Tessie & David Devore
Book Title: Happy Birthday to Me
Author Website:
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
Amazon Book Link: Happy Birthday to Me
Book Reviewed by: William Struse

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