The Babylonian Talmud

Book Review:
A Great Resource for Biblical and Jewish History

I needed a copy of the Talmud for some research I am doing so I downloaded the Kindle version. With a few clicks I was able to search the entire book for references related to the numbers 13 & 14. Did you know?

There were 13 trumpet shaped offering chests in the temple.
That the priests made 13 “prostrations” to the 13 gates of the temple.
That R. Hisda said in the future the land of Israel will be divided among 13 tribes? The 13th division going to “the prince of Israel”.. him who “men of all the tribes will serve.”

I love Biblical and Jewish history and I am thrilled I now have an electronic copy of the Talmud which can be searched for some of the more obscure details of ancient Biblical history.

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