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In my lifetime I can remember several books which claim to have found secret codes or hidden messages in the underlying Hebrew text of the Bible. Some have been credible other have not. Into this intriguing subject Timothy P. Smith steps with the story of a personal quest to understand an improbable message found in the 30th chapter of the book of Genesis.

The story begins with a clandestine visit to his parent’s attic to inspect the forbidden treasures stored there in its dusty eaves. As Mr. Smith retells, one particular object caught his attention that night. That night he found a heavy iron star which in the flickering candle light sparked a passion for antiquities which set his life on path of exploration and discovery. Years later he would learn that the star his hands had held that night was one of 13 which had adored the nation’s capital in an earlier era. The irony of this does not escape the reader because as you will learn Mr. Smith’s book, The Chamberlain Key most likely would not have been written had it not been for just 13 Hebrew letters.

This is a book which is hard to dismiss. To be honest I’m skeptical, but I want to believe. I’ve never had a vivid dream or vision telling me to do something or go somewhere so that aspect of the story is the hardest for me to accept or believe. Not that it couldn’t be true, the Bible is full of such encounters and tells of more to come in the future.

– – – Spoiler Alert – – – Although this is a nonfiction work, in many places it reads like a thrilling novel with a plot that builds to an amazing conclusion. As a nonfiction work which deals with a religious theme any thorough review should touch on the nature of the subject discussed. If you want to read this book without any such information please do not read any further. – – – –

The easiest part of this book for me to accept is the authors belief, nay his compelling proof, that there is an underlying design to the Biblical text that is divinely ordered. An order that is deeper and more complex than just the inspired words on the surface of the each page. An order which tells of YHWH’s redemptive love for mankind through the promised Messiah.

To me an important test of any book which deals with subjects of prophecy or hidden information in the Bible is the test found in Revelation 19:10. That test is whether the spirit of this information is a testimony of Yeshua (YHWH’s Salvation). I was pleased, actually thrilled to learn that the underlying thrust of this book is indeed evidence that shows the spirit of Revelation 19:10.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the inexplicable link between the author’s personal story and that found in Genesis 30. The story seems well, fantastic. In any ,in reading his story I could help but think of Jacobs 6 sons and a daughter and his love for Rachel. 6 and 7 has an important symbolic place in the Scripture and it is often related to the number 13. In consideration of the important role these numbers play in the author’s story I couldn’t help but think of other places in the Bible where these numbers are found and the symbolism associated with them. Who knows they might be additional lines of investigation upon which to apply the Chamberlain Key. Here are a few examples:

In Genesis 29 it describes Jacob’s love for Rachel and his willingness to serve 7 years for her. The Hebrew word used for love is the word ahabah and means love or to love. This is the first occurrence of the word in the Bible and its numerical value is 13.

To many Jewish people the Shema Yisrael are the most sacred words in the Bible. YHWH is One! In the Bible the Hebrew word for one is echad which has a numerical value of 13. YHWH, the proper name of the living God of the Bible has a numerical value of 26 (2×13). The Shema Yisrael, that YHWH is One, is equal to (3×13) or 39.

And for those who appreciate multilevel meaning encoded into Biblical text I would be remiss if I did not mentioned the lineage of Yeshua found in Matthew 1. Matthew created this lineage of Yeshua by leaving out 4 Old Testament kings thus making precisely 41 names. (13th prime) Further you can prove these omissions were intentional by the location where he left them out. Three of the names were left out between the 6th & 7th generation and one was left out between the 13th & 14th generation. This in effect then made Yeshua both the 13th & 14th generation in the 3rd generational grouping found in Matthew 1. As the Jewish reader would understand this then also makes a connection between the 7 sacred Biblical holydays and the 13 or 14 sacrifices that were required to be made on each of those days. Keep in mind those holydays were ordered based upon a lunar calendar which was internally regulated each month by 13 or 14 days of visible waxing light followed by 13 or 14 days of waning light.

At least to me, it is thrilling to realize that the catalyst for this story to be written, a story which is ultimately about Yeshua Mashiach, was because of 13 Hebrew letters and it is retold in the 14th chapter of this book. To really appreciate the thrilling nature of this irony you’ll have to read Mr. Smiths fascinating journey of discovery for yourself.

“Do not hide Elohim’s truth” Indeed!

– – – – – – – –

In closing, this is the most unusual book I’ve read this year. It was stimulating, challenging and left plenty of unanswered questions and some healthy skepticism but why shouldn’t it? As they say, life is indeed often stranger and more thrilling than fiction.

Thanks for taking the leap of faith Mr. Smith, risking the ridicule and criticism that is sure to come in order to honor the message found in those 13 letters in the 30th chapter of Genesis.

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Author: Timothy P. Smith
Book Title: The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible
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